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    Forgive me for contacting you this way. I didn't see an email address. I have looked at tons of players out there. I really like this one because of its flash component work flow and its is as 3.0. There is one other that I have seen that I really like the features of but it is not a flash component. It is more xml based. I would like to attach the link to it just for you to look at. It is to my site and not to the maker. I don't believe your play was available at this time. I understand that you are competing for business but I thought I would let you know just for future version you may release.

    This just a test prototype of a player that we may use until I stumble on yours.

    Features I liked on competitor:
    When you push stop a image comes up.
    Send to a friend email.
    A tabbed menu.

    I look forward to future products and player updates. I am looking for a player that is going to work well with out new flash media server.

    Please feel free to contact me in any way, I would love to work with you.
  2. Alex

    Alex PROXUS

    Hi Discovery_101

    Thank you for your suggestions ;)

    All features that you have listed (and even more) are already on our to-do list and will be implemented in new version of out FLV player.

    We expecting release of new version in few weeks.
  3. discovery_101

    discovery_101 New Member

    Great! I will be looking out for them. Is there a way to email me when the new features are available so I can purchase?

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